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In our opinion, a reliance on past investment performance could very well result in an investor falling short of his/her investment objectives. Without guidance, it is not uncommon for investors to purchase a mutual fund based on the fund’s past performance, resulting in the fund being purchased at a historically higher price. As the fund fluctuates, some investors lose patience and begin looking for a “better performing” fund to replace the first. Once the switch in funds is made, it could possibly result in the first fund being sold at a lower price than it was purchased.

Isn’t this the opposite of what was intended—
“Buy LOW, and sell HIGH”?

Our Core Beliefs

Markets Are Efficient

Markets process information so rapidly when determining security prices, that it is difficult to gain a competitive edge by exploiting market anomalies.

Risk & Return Are Related

Over time, riskier assets provide higher expected returns as compensation to prudent investors for accepting greater risk.

Diversification is Key

Adding higher-risk, low correlating asset classes to a portfolio can actually reduce volatility and increase expected rates of return.

Structure Explains Performance
Asset allocation basically determines results in a broadly diversified portfolio.


Your time is a valuable commodity, and should be invested in pursuing your life’s interests and passions, rather than trying to predict or react to every market movement.

Accepting the academic based concepts of the Efficient Markets Hypothesis and Modern Portfolio Theory as Fundamental to your investment strategy, we will have more time to:

  • Determine the amount of risk in your investments that you are comfortable being exposed to.
  • Design a portfolio using your individual risk tolerance, that will optimize the returns available corresponding to that particular risk level.
  • Minimize costs that detract from your actual returns.
  • Periodically rebalancing your portfolio according to your Written Investment Policy Statement.

Fundamental Advisors will guide you through:

  • Implementing and maintaining a disciplined investment strategy.
  • The difficult process of remaining on course during volatile markets. We help you recognize and avoid tendencies that would otherwise encourage you to abandon your commitment.