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Continuing Guidance

Some Steps that Outline How We Continue to Serve You

Step One: The Investment Advisory Agreement

  • Documents your and our respective rights and responsibilities within the investor-advisor relationship

Step Two: The Investment Policy Statement

The Investment Policy Statement formalizes your investment objectives in a written document showing:

  • Your risk profile
  • Your investment strategy
  • Rebalancing plans

Step Three: Portfolio Implementation

  • Jointly, we will review the initial portfolio construction.
  • We will assist you in opening an account at selected custodian (or provide us with existing account access)
  • Once your account is open we will implement your globally diversified, tax efficient portfolio

Step Four: Ongoing Portfolio Management and Investor Education

  • Rebalance your portfolio regularly
  • We are proactive in tax-loss harvesting and other portfolio management actions as appropriate to achieve your objectives
  • Provide you the discipline necessary to achieve long-term goals
  • Conduct periodic meetings based on your needs (in person or phone)
  • You experience on-going access to your advisor and the Fundamental team
  • You receive access to the Educated Investor newsletter, feature articles, books and other reading materials as well as Web-based resources