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Dimensional Fund Advisors

Our passive asset class investment approach is exemplified by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). DFA is our primary (but not exclusive) fund family for implementing our recommended investment approach. Fundamental is not compensated by DFA in any way for using their funds, nor are we under any obligation to use them if they do not best meet your particular investment needs.

Other DFA Information

Helpful Web Sites

Efficient Frontier

An “online journal of practical asset allocation” published by William J. Bernstein, MD, PhD.

Index Universe
News, columns, research and features about index-based investing and trading.

“Getting Started in Finance”
Links to the theoretical research within the finance field — select “Getting Started”.

Saving for College
A comprehensive and timely information resource on 529 plans and related education investment options.

The Street
Two columnists who regularly comment on passive investing are Beverly Goodman and Scott Schurr.

Fairmark Press Tax Guide for Investors
Handy tax resources, including an alternate source for IRS tax forms.

Investing in Bonds
Sponsored by The Bond Market Association, this site provides pricing and other information about the bond market.